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VW Need Help in Zaragoza please!


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Sorry for the english !
Hello VW friends! I'm joining your forum with a appeal for help.

I'm from Bulgaria. I have friend (BEST FRIEND OF ME) with his Passat 1.9TDI '2001  stuck in Zaragoza somehow the car has lost Immo information and can't start.
I'm the mechanic of his car and i have the Instruments cluster PIN code, but he need VCDS (vag com or vag commander) to fix the car!

It doesn't matter if perform immo off  or learn keys, just the car must go on.

The car is located at company he works for: (OGX Logistica transportes )

HUGE PLEASE , Friends! My friend is truck driver, so it is not in a rush really.

So, if someone can help or recommend someone, please contact me here or at VIBER +359893047713

Thank you very very very much !!!

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Dear friend,


I don’t know anybody able to help him in Zaragoza but why does he not go to a Volkswagen official service there? I’m sure they can help him fixing it... it will be the best way to do it.

He can go to this one which is only 10 minutes from his location:


Automoció Aragonesa, Concesionario Oficial Volkswagen
Av. Navarra, 135, 50017 Zaragoza
976 30 05 60


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Thank for reply, but they charge $$$ for something that is meant to be done with $10 equipment and 5 minutes.

We need someone with laptop and VCDS or Vag COM or Vag Commander and 20mins free time . Ofcourse we will pay, noone wants something for free, but for 80 Euro i can fly to there and fix it and get back 😄  Do not get me wrong friends, but 300+ euro are a lot for such thing.

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