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Newbee GOLFIST from Belgium


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Hi I am the GOLFIST and I am comming from Belgium and living in Mazarron now.

In April 2004 my new Golf V came in to my life as a black magic perl sportline 2.0 TDI 6 speed.

And then it started an FK Highsport coilover kit RS6 19" wheels found his way under the Golf.

Also a grill and trunk part from Caractere found there place on the car.

And with some more changes, leather, paint here and there etc it looked a litle like this on the end of 2004.






I am sorry but I do not speak Spanish yet :oops:

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In 2005 the biger changes came on and the real cleaning started.

CLean front and rear bumper removed side moldings and rold out wheel arches, 9"X20" wheels.












Stil more to come 06 and 07 and 08

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2007 I wanted something els a lot of poeple copyed my bumpers and car.

And also the bumpers where plastic welded but if it was warm I always saw something wrong on the bumpers.

So I put a front bumper on from the Jetta (not GT!) and painted al chroom.

The rear bumper uper side is from the USA and the lower part is from a Japanees Golf.

And the wheels changed also in Koya 8,5"X20".

And again a new HU from Pioneer the D3 this time I pod conection.











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Welcome Ronny! your Mk5 looks really nice, very smooth and incredible lower with that coilovers! Is it nice to drive o the suspension are very hard? I ask you that because my Mk5 got Kw V1 coilovers and they are very hard.



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