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Tips and Tricks: Climatronic

GLX models only


The speedometer has a factory built-in error to show a speed faster than your actual speed. The Climatronic (automatic climate control) system includes a number of sensors that you can access through the diagnostic mode. To see your true speed in digital format press the following key combinations:

1. Press Fan Down, Temperature Colder, ECON at the same time.

2. Use the temperature control buttons to cycle through the various channels to Channel 16.

3. Press ECON to go back to normal. (It goes back automatically when you restart the car.)


This information was originally posted by Syncro Driver @ VWvortex forums:


There are a total of 45 diagnose channels numbered from 0 to 44. Some readouts represent a measured value and can't be altered--for example the amount of light that the sunshine-sensor on the dashboard measures. Others represent the actual adjustment and can be altered--for example the speed of the blower in 256 steps.


It's not possible to make permanent adjustments so don't be afraid to try it at your own Climatronic. (Stargazer's Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage which may occur to your vehicle by attempting to use these techniques.)


"The channels that I know the meaning of are:

1 Interior temperature (sensor)

3 Sunlight sensor

7 Coolant temperature sensor

9 Blower speed (adjustable)

10 Measured blower speed (sensor)

11 Defog valve (adj. 0-255)

12 Dashboard ventilation valve (adj. 0-255)

13 Recirculation valve (adj. 0-255)

14 Lower ventilation valve (adj. 0-255)

16 Speed (sensor)


Btw, an audi climatronic had 72 channels of which I do have a list. The 45 of VW must be a selection of this list (also a Hella system as far as I know) but I just don't know which. Is there anyone who knows them all?"


- Syncro Driver





Update: Posted 6 Mar 2001 by Syncro Driver @ https://www.ClubB5.com


Yes, sorry about my absence.. I have a company to run, a wife to attend, a car to drive, a house to (re-)build an a lot of miles to run for training a half or full marathon....


So to pay my debt I have the audi list here with my -very direct- translation for the first ten issues:


Inhalt 1 Systemfehler = #systemerror

2 Ist-Wert Fühler virtuell = #actual value sensor virtual

3 Ist-wert Innenfühler Konsole = #actual value inner sensor console

4 Ist-Wert Außentemperaturfühler Wasserkasten = #actual value outside temp sensor water reservoir

5 Ist-Wert Außentemperaturfühler Stoßfänger = #actual value outside temp sensor bumper

6 Ist-Wert Ausblasfühler Fußraum = #actual value bloweroutlet sensor footspace

7 Ist-Wert Ausblasfühler Mannanströmer = #actual value bloweroutlet sensor dashboard

8 Displaycheck #

9 Ist-Digitalwert Rückmeldepoti Temperaturklappe = #actual digital value feedback potentiometer temp. valve

10 Soll-Digitalwert Temperaturklappe = #set digital value temp. valve

11 Ist-Digitalwert Rückmeldepoti A/C Klappe

12 Soll-Digitalwert A/C Klappe

13 Ist-Digitalwert Rückmeldepoti Fuß/Def. Klappe

14 Soll-Digitalwert Fuß/Def. Klappe

15 Ist-Digitalwert Rückmeldepoti Stauluftklappe

16 Soll-Digitalwert Stauluftklappe

17 Fahrgeschwindigkeit (km/h) = Channel 16

18 Istwert der Gebläsespannung (Volt)

19 Sollwert der Gebläsespannung (Volt)

20 Istwert der Kompressor/Bordspannung (Volt)

21 Anzahl Niederspannungsereignisse (nicht flüchtig)

22 Schaltzustand des Hochdruckfühlers

23 Anzahl Hochdruckereignisse (flüchtig)

24 Anzahl Hochdruckereignisse (nicht flüchtig)

25 A/D-Wert Kick-Down Schalter

26 A/D-Wert Heißleuchte

27 Motordrehzahl

28 Kompressordrehzahl

29 Codierung

30 Software-Version

31 Softwareindex

32 Potifehlerzähler Temperaturklappe

33 Potifehlerzähler A/C Klappe

34 Potifehlerzähler Fuß/def. Klappe

35 Potifehlerzähler Stauluftklappe

36 Temperaturklappe Anschlag kalt

37 Temperaturklappe Anschlag warm

38 A/C Klappe Anschlag geschlossen

39 A/C Klappe Anschlag offen

40 Fuß/Def. Klappe Anschlag Def.

41 Fuß/Def. Klappe Anschlag Fuß

42 Stauluftklappe Anschlag auf

43 Stauluftklappe Anschlag zu

44 Fahrzykluszähler

45 Innentemperatur gerechnet (Nine) dig

46 Außentemperatur gefiltert °C

47 Außentemperatur ungefiltert °C


49 Fehlerzähler Tachosignal

50 Standzeit in min

51 Motortemperatur °C

52 Kompressor Abschalt-Bedingungen (Anhang)

53 Anzeige aktiver el. Ausgänge x x Kompressor Umluftventil x Wasserventil

54 Regelkennziffer

55 Außentemperatur °C

56 Innenfühler virtuell °C

57 Innenfühler Konsole °C

58 Temperatur Wasserkasten °C

59 Temperatur Stoßfänger °C

60 Ausblasfühler Fußraum °C

61 Ausblasfühler Mannanströmer °C

62 Sonnenintensität W/m² = Channel 3

63 Sonnenintensität gefiltert W/m²

64 Delta Lüfteranhebung

65 Delta A/C Klappenverschiebung

66 Zeitkonstante 1,8 sec

67 Kaltstartkorrektur

68 Maximale Stellgröße für I- bzw. P-Anteil

69 Ist-Wert Ausblasfühler Fuß (cnts)

70 Soll-Wert Ausblasfühler Fuß (cnts)

71 Abweichung (Epsilon)

72 Anteil (+heizen -kühlen)



[/quote, emphasis added by Stargazer for clarity]



Translation by Shaggymatt @ ClubB5:

Translated as:

Contents of 1 system error # system error

2 actual value feeler virtually # actual VALUE sensor virtual

3 actual value of interior feelers console # actual VALUE internal sensor CONSOLE

4 actual value outside temperature feeler wasserkasten # actual VALUE outside temp sensor water reservoir

5 actual value outside temperature feeler bumper # actual VALUE outside temp sensor more bumper

6 actual value blowing out feeler floor space # actual VALUE bloweroutlet sensor footspace

7 actual value blowing out feeler Mannanstroemer # actual VALUE bloweroutlet sensor dashboard

8 display CHECKS #

9 actual digital value answering potentiometer temperature flap # actual digitally VALUE feedback potentiometer temp valve

10 debit digital value temperature flap # set digitally VALUE temp valve

11 actual digital value answering potentiometer A/C flap

12 debit digital value A/C flap

13 actual digital value answering potentiometer Fuss/Def. Flap

14 debit digital value Fuss/Def. Flap

15 actual digital value answering potentiometer ram air flap

16 debit digital value ram air flap

17 driving speed (km/h) 16

18 actual value of the blower voltage (volt) 19 desired value of the blower voltage (volt)

20 actual value of the compressor/on-board voltage (volt)

21 amount of of low-voltage events (not volatile)

22 switching status of the high pressure feeler

23 number of high pressure events (volatile)

24 number of high pressure events (not volatile)

25 A/D value kickdown switch

26 A/D value hot light

27 engine speed

28 compressor number of revolutions

29 coding

30 software-Version

31 software index of

32 potentiometer error counters temperature flap of

33 potentiometer error counters A/C flap of

34 potentiometer error counters Fuss/def. Flap of

35 potentiometer error counters ram air flap

36 temperature flap impact coldly

37 temperature flap impact warmly

38 A/C flap impact closed

39 A/C flap impact openly

40 Fuss/Def. Impact Def folds.

41 Fuss/Def. Impact foot

42 ram air flap impact on

43 ram air flap impact folds to

44 operating cycle counters

45 interior temperature counted (Nine) dig

46 outside temperature filtered °C

47 outside temperature not filtered °C

48 ECOR of

49 error counters Tachosignal

50 service life in min

51 engine temperature °C

52 compressor power-off conditions (appendix)

53 display more actively el. Outputs x x compressor circulating air valve x water valve

54 rule code digit

55 outside temperature °C of

56 interior feelers virtually °C of

57 interior feelers console °C

58 temperature wasserkasten °C

59 temperature bumper °C of

60 blowing out feelers floor space °C of

61 blowing out feelers Mannanstroemer °C

62 sun intensity W/m² 3

63 sun intensity filtered W/m²

64 delta exhaust rise

65 delta A/C flap shift

66 time constant 1.8 seconds of

67 cold weather starting correction

68 max. correcting variable for i or sectionsection section of

69 actual value blowing out feeler foot (cnts)

70 desired value blowing out feeler foot (cnts)

71 deviation (Epsilon)

72 proportion (+heizen - cool)



99 Passat 1.8TM

00 Wagon 1.8T

Garrett Stage 1.5 w/ Tip chip/ITG Filter



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