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Os vengo a contar una curiosidad.... que para mi fue tan impactante... que no sali de mi asombro... Se que muchos de vosotros bueno.. casi la mayoria teneis mk4, mk5.. xenon... climatizador bizona eso esta muy bien pero dado el coche que tengo no puedo pensar en loscaballos desbocados del ayer jejeje el modelo que vi fue un mk2 llamado... golf motorsport limited edition hablamos de un golf con traccion syncro(4x4)









Su motorizacion era de un 1.800cc,16 v y para mas inri... G60 rendia 210cv!!! :shock:





En fin caballos desbocados como e dicho antes para manos espertas sin ayudas de esp en muchos casos sin abs... una maravilla del ayer... :mrgreen:

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Aquí os dejo la historia de este modelo especial, esta en ingles pero bueno, yo se que todos/as soys unos "cracks" y no hay problema!



Golf G60 Limited


A limited edition, 210bhp, 142mph four wheeled drive Super Golf was launched by Volkswagen Motorsport in 1989. The Golf G60 Limited is the fastest ever Volkswagen offered for sale by VW and is a masterpiece of technical ingenuity.

Only 70 (72) of the ultra fast and civilized sports saloon were ever built. Everyone was sold prior to coming off the production line. Two three door models were made, one has since been crashed and the other is on display at the Wolfsburg Museum, Germany.

The Limited is subtle mixture of five door Golf, Syncro and Rallye, virtually hand-built by Volkswagen Motorsport at the rate of two cars per week, which explained the price tag of DM68,500.

At the heart is a supercharged and intercooled version of the familiar 1.8 litre Golf GTi 16 valve twin cam engine, developing 210bhp at 6500rpm and 185.98lbs of torque at 5000 rpm. That compares with 139bhp at 6100rpm/123.51lb ft at 4600rpm for the 16V and 160bhp at 5600rpm/166lb ft at 4000 rpm for the similarly G60 supercharged, but eight valve, Rallye Golf.

Apart from a lower, 8.8:1 compression ratio, the basic engine unit is virtually standard16V. To it has been added the Rallye Golf's supercharger-running at 22.62psi maximum pressure-and intercooler system. Like the Rallye Golf, the Digifant fuel-injected Limited has a three way catalyst in it's exhaust system, so must run on unleaded fuel.

Power is fed to all four wheels through the Rallye Golf's new Passat type five speed gearbox and Syncro transmission. All disc, anti lock brakes and suspension are also from the Rallye Golf, as is the complete front end of the car, including the big radiator and larger internal wheel arches.

But the three door Rallye Golf's blatant wheel arch extensions are not used, so this discreet five-door Super Golf becomes the ultimate "wolf in sheep's clothing".

"We wanted to have a nice, elegant looking, production Golf without any external alterations, but lots of fascination under the bonnet." said Klaus-Peter Rosorius. Volkswagen Motorsport Manager.

This is no spartan semi-racer; equipment includes leather seats, dash and door trim, electrically operated windows front and rear, electrically operated and heated wing mirrors, central locking, an on-board computer, power assisted steering, 6.5J x 15 BBS split rim alloy wheels, a sliding sunroof, tinted glass, and heated front seats.

With all this equipment on board, the Limited turns the scales at 1275kg, but still manages to stop the clock in the zero to 120kph (74.5mph)dash in just 10.3 seconds.

Reproduced from Volkswagen Car and Driver 1989









V.I.N "TP ???????"

Engine number "3G 0000??"

Body shell Type 19E-299

Paint Colour Anthracite grey metallic

Top Speed 142mph

0-60 in 7.2 seconds

16-valve Supercharged G60 1781cc engine (Different to Rallye 1763cc, 16-valve and 8-valve, although 1781cc the Limited uses a special block, pistons, rings and gaskets)

210bhp (DIN) at 6500rpm and 186lb ft of torque at 5000rpm with 8.8:1 compression ratio and supercharger providing 23psi of boost

Weight 2,805lbs or 1275 kg (Heavier than a normal Golf)

Permanent Syncro viscous-coupled four-wheel system with

Electronic Differential Lock (see below for further details)

Anti-lock brakes

Discs all round

Black leather interior comprising of seats, door cards, steering wheel, hand-brake and gear lever gaiters. All seats fitted with head-rests.

Front seats heated

Electrically operated windows x4

Electrically operated and heated wing-mirrors

Headlamp Range Control (electrical adjustment)

Central Locking including tailgate and petrol flap

Steel sliding manually operated sunroof

VW (Hitachi) "Gamma" stereo with amplified front door speakers.

Green tinted glass

Electronic Differential Lock EDL



An interesting technical innovation VW launched with the Golf G60 was the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) which uses the ABS sensors to detect variations in wheel speed. Unlike the BMW and Mercedes-Benz ASD systems which reduce engine power to compensate for lack of traction, the VW system works by slowing the wheels down. If you should encounter a puddle of water or loose gravel mid-bend, you will not get the dramatic loss of composure you might in a standard car. The system only works if there is a difference in speed between the driven wheels.


So it is still possible to spin the wheels if both are on a surface of equal frictional coefficient. If you were to launch the car on a loose surface, you would thus spin the wheels, but the moment one wheel reached a grippy surface, the antics would be called to a halt.



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